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Ashton's Angels

Where CRAXtrips Unite!

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There is a sequel to AA happening at craxspiracy. We await in trembling fear. :P


Q: Are you real angels?

A: No, we are not real angels. We are often mistaken for angels, so you can pretend we are if you really want too. Although if you do I'd probably have to say you have some weirdy issues you might want to go see a shrink about.

Q: Do you do crack?

A: What?! We don't do 'crack' we are CRAX. There is a big difference and if you're that stupid maybe you're teh one on crack. It shall never be called 'crack' again, always CRAX.

Q: How did you three meet?

A: A wonderful place called Unredeemed.net. If you haven't heard of it, go check it out.

Q: Who's this "Ashton" guy?

A: Oh, him. *laughs*